Local Adventure

Hello, Friends…

When having a campervan, the first inclination is to take it out far away and camp in the woods.  That’s great, don’t get me wrong, we love doing that when time allows!

One of the things we really love about having this beautiful Pleasure Way is that we can go local, explore & walkabout and come back to our happy place for a spot of relaxation, a bite to eat and truly take in the experience.

Bonus, Rosie the Reliable Caravan fits like a glove in standard parking places allowing us to explore without worrying about finding adequate parking.

She fit perfectly, like a glove!  Parking at Devils Slide South Parking Lot, just outside the Tom Lantos Tunnels along beautiful California Highway 1 near Pacifica we took off up the hill.

Allowing us to explore and oddity we’ve always driven by, never stopped to check out.

unnamed (5)

After our jaunt up the hill to check out the Devils Slide Bunker, an old relic from the military just hangin’ out we took a walk up the Devils Slide “trail” musing about how we used to DRIVE on that road before the tunnels were put in.  Wow!

unnamed (7)

From the top, we could look across the bridge built to access the tunnels they built (there’s another car park up here as well, but it’s teeny-tiny, so just keep trucking to the next one).  Man and Concrete, wowza!

Fun day exploring locally — good food, always a clean bathroom (or place to wash up), a place to take a nap and just enjoy life, the #pleasureway

She & He…
& Rosie, too!


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