The Shakedown Runs!

Hello, World!
As the title will lead you to believe, this post is all about the shake-down runs…
those little day trips that reveal what is working and what needs more attention via those “oh, that shook around” moments!

As I said last time, the heavy stuff needs to stay down low, we got that — and the cans pinned down!  But, oh, those dishes and pans do a whole lotta shake-rattle-and-rolling…
To keep things quiet I’ve since introduced some extra dishtowels to curb the clink resulting in a satisfactory run to my home town of Santa Cruz & my old stomping grounds Pleasure Point for a day trip.
Honestly, while the cruise itself went well, I learned I don’t enjoy hometown ‘Cruz quite as much in the Pleasure-Way as I do visiting in the Miata MX-5 — because the parking spaces are all so bloody well small … Not just small, tiny!

Perhaps it was the temporary loss of circulation in my legs, though that really made me crazy — early longer rides showed issues with the seats.  Maybe they just broke down over time, but my Miata seats are significantly more worn (as in there are way more miles on the car and an extra year) and yet, still way more comfortable.  Hum…

New item on the list:

* Seats!

Our second shakedown run was to Pescadero State Beach again, did I mention this was a favorite?
I have to say, The Fourth of July found the place beyond packed, but we managed to secure ourselves a spot for the day.  Recommendation is to set out early for this spot on holidays — noted!  Also of note: the best spots are at the ends of the car parks, northern has a fabulous view with nobody to get in the way; Southern has a fabulous view out the back that no one can walk in front of, oooooh yeah!  Love learning new things.

She drove this run, he cooked  — in our fabulous new fry pan!  Eggs, smoked salmon and spinach with a lovely nut cheeze we bought at the local Community Market in Half Moon Bay, yummy!
This time our run was to test out the Fridge, so we had dutifully plugged in to shore power the day before to chill and then set out.  Once again, while the trip was fabulous and our time well spent, however this shakedown run also showed us another issue — the fridge didn’t cool very well on propane.

The list we had so diligently worked through was growing again…
* Seats
* Fridge

Our third shakedown cruise was to Redwood Park in Oakland — a lovely refreshing spot just above the city life with the beauty of the trees and nature all around (beware, no alcohol is allowed)…
since the journey was so close we didn’t have need of comfy seats to drive in or fridge — by this time a new Dometic Fridge was on order and the hunt for new seats was on!

We learned on this day trip that the fabulous heavy-duty fry-pan we got at World Market is really only big enough for a three-egg omelet, of which sharing with two is challenging, so another addition to the list, lol — sometimes it’s like we bought a boat, aka hole in the water for money, but truthfully I’m enjoying everything we’ve picked up so far.  We laugh and say “it’s the pleasure-way“.
None-the-less, our outing was great and we found another place we fit all 20+ feet of our CamperVan…

Sigh, the list, though, it grows!

* Seats
* Fridge
* 8” skillet

Well, of course the skillet was the easiest thing to take care of on the list, done baby!
Just before the fridge came in we settled into the Home Depot and picked up an ice cooler, the theory being we wanted ice cold beverages on hot days (less theory, more reality, so true) — the fridge came a month later & He installed it with a little help from me and we were back on track — while it doesn’t cool so perfectly solely on propane, it will keep cold while moving and out and about camping so long as we are level…

The Ever-Changing List!
* Seats
* Leveling Blocks/Ramps & Gage

A couple of weekends spent at the local pick and pull lots looking for replacement seats with the weekdays in between searching online found us nowhere near new seats… I think to date this is the most frustrating search of the RV.
Turns out our trusty E-350 Econoline is a truly remarkable delivery van, anytime one gets in a wreck the first thing to get pulled & sold is a half-way decent seat (over $300 each, what a markup)!
Despite several pick and pull days, shopping on Craig’s List and paying an unheard of $25 each to enter a car show swap meet (dude said on the phone his seats pulled from vans would match, they didn’t, and I’m $50 shy for naught, grrr) we found ourselves empty handed, hot, sweaty and me more than a little frustrated… it’s such a simple thing, seats — every time I see and E-350 Econoline Van now, I think of how it has nice comfortable seats just inside, sigh!

However, My Man is nothing short of Amazing — He’s totally brilliant and went nosing around about the seat we’d pulled out to match it at the overpriced car-show swap meet and found that he could loosen the springs underneath said seat and stuff an old towel inside, and — viola, comfort! Wow!

We realized we were sort of sinking into the seats before and that the odd position of our legs to torso was cutting off the flow of blood to our legs, leaving us with pins & needles in our feet about an hour or so into any ride (we had a rule for a while that we set a timer to remind us to pull over and walk around the van a bit every hour, that pretty much sucked).
Once my super smart Guy figured out how to ‘repad’ & overstuff our seats, we were golden!

Here’s what he did:
Unhooked the seats and pulled them out completely, removed the seat from the back-rest, then he opened up the spring locks underneath the seat and removed the cover…
from there he went to our favorite Bed Bath & Beyond and purchased several of those dinning room chair memory foam cushions and put two on the top of the seat (under the cloth) and one under the seat for support, put the cloth over the seat again, installed the springs and re-attached the base seat to the backrest.
Like OMG! Totally Sweet Ride now!  (yeah, that Cali’s comin’ out now!)

On our way out of town to finally explore and CAMP for a change, we stopped off at CampingWorld again for those leveling blocks, the list is empty again and we are back at it…
On the road again, ready to Glamp, baby, Glamourous Camping the Pleasure-Way…
oh, but there is one more thing on my list again, Seat Covers!
Ha ha ha! It never ends!

She & He…
& Rosie, too!


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