The Maiden Voyage … a dry run


Upon freshening our new CamperVan of errant odors, we felt the next step was to take her out!  Boy were we excited to get on down the road to see what this rig is made of!

We decided the Maiden Voyage should be a simple dry run to get our bearings, learn to drive her and let us “Get-Out-Of-Dodge” as they say…

He took the wheel, after all, I had already had a chance bringing her home…
We found our new CamperVan, Rosie, drives like a dream — her engine takes mountains like melted butter, smooth and easy — powering up them with hardly a push of the gas peddle, rolling right down in 2nd as the engine breaks for us, blissfully not a worry!

Empty of supplies, gear and sundries, ‘cept for a small grill and picnic basket she was a bit loud and we got to hear all of the jiggles and rumbles as we bounced around a bit…
the holding tanks were about half full, but no sloshing could we hear, all went well, we deemed it a successful drive!

Having years of practice picnicking from the back of a Miata, we headed out to our favorite beach for a grill and nap at one of our favorite spots — Pescadero State Beach (meaning ‘the place to fish’) — wide open spaces, a large dirt car park, with room to maneuver, a hidden gem of California Coast Line…

We’ve had a Coleman FoldnGo propane grill, Quest RollTop folding table and folding beach chairs purchased at Dicks Sporting Goods for years, and can totally recommend them, no matter if you RV, camp in a tent, or just grill-on-the-go.  One of our favorite City Escapes has always been to go to the beach or the woods & grill us some fish & veggies!  These items transferred seamlessly to the CamperVan — we now store the folding seats in the back behind the doors, and the table + grill & propane bottles in the side hatch near the kitchen (real handy there, it worked out to be).  When it comes to portability, we’ve found these items to make a quintessential dining experience a’natural!

One of our favorite pescaterian dishes is simply Grilled Swordfish, “She-Lumba Style” with Grilled Veggies… no need really for all the trappings of a CamperVan, but the nap afterwards was infinetly more satisfying stretching out on the King Bed rather than curled up in the seat of a 2004 Miata MX5 😉

She-Lumba Style Marinade Sauce
Mix together in a used (but clean) plastic bag or glass plate:
1 Teaspoon Grated Ginger (fresh or jarred, I’m lazy & use a jar at home, or powder can work too)
1 Tablespoon Minced Garlic (see above)
3 Tablespoons GF Teriyaki Sauce
3 Tablespoons GF Soy Sauce or Tahinni
1 Teaspoon Anny’s Organic Vegan Worcestershire Sauce
1 Teaspoon Lemon Juice

4 oz Liquid — beet juice is amazing, or beer, or clear soda, or hard cider — whatever you got!
Swirl it all together and add your fish, let set in the fridge as long as you can 15 min to 4 hours.
Grill your fish as usual.
I usually place the fish on some aluminum foil sprayed with coconut oil for tidiness, and will add some sauce when turning to keep everything moist (please make sure the sauce heats up to boiling, there was raw fish in there).  Mmmmm, yummy!

This sauce works equally well on other fishes, though I keep to the firm white fishes, myself.  Also amazingly-tasty marinated on portabella mushrooms & grilled — yum, I’m hungry again!



At the end of the day, after a delicious meal and fabulous nap (there’s nothing like sleeping next to the waves for this Cali Girl) we wandered on up the road a ways in search of a Sani-Dump to clear away whatever the previous owners had left in the holding tanks before returning home.  After a few bum tries (these things get full or go out of commission — oh my!) we found a spot at the Half Moon Bay State Beach Campground, which charges a nominal fee, and had our first adventure in dumping…
This is an area of Caravaning I’ll not get into further on my blog 😉
One thing we learned… it’s important to document those Sani-Dumps, you might be in need one day and more importantly, need to know where the next one is!

Maiden Voyage / Dry Run deemed Successful!
All cleaned out and ready for the next adventure…
See you on the road again soon!

She & He…
& Rosie, too!


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