A Fresh Start!

img_6349So, we got the Campervan a few months ago…
used, from a lovely retired couple who had driven it over 90k miles in the US and Canada.

After months of research and deliberation, we submitted to the Universe our desire to manifest a campervan matching the following criteria:

  • 2000+ Newer Model with Strong Engine (said our mechanic)
  • Bathroom
  • Propane Heater
  • Long Enough Bed for Hubby to Sleep Comfortably
  • Kitchen

Ask | Believe | Receive

The Universe replied immediately with adverts in the CL for our price, so we started looking at used Pleasure-ways…
We have another friend who is fond of taking off to out of the way places in his converted 4wd Leisure Way van who had spoken to us of the plush van conversions, we were sold!  Now, I don’t think he’s got a Loo, but I had too have one… not long after our search for a used model did I realize that the RoadTrek and many other conversions were not for She, as they had no private loo and this is important to a girl, privy & a stove 😉  We looked at a lot of configurations and finally fell in love with the Pleasure-Way.

The Chevy Version was nice, but the bed was too short…
then this beauty came along, and it was love at first site… after a small amount of negotiating and a night to sleep on it all, our offer was accepted and the work was to begin!
This baby is a 2004 Pleasure-Way Excel TD built on a Ford Econoline Chassis with an E-350 and the paint package…
she’s got powerful AC, Full King Bed, Galley with Propane Stove & Three-Way Refer, Propane Heater and private enclosed loo with shower, black, gray and clean water tanks + a bit of storage here & there, kinda like this 2014 version, but a few years older 😉  Yippee Kiyay!

First task was to get her home — From Santa Rosa to Oakland, whew, what a journey!

Lucky for She, her good friend Terry was on hand to help at the last minute (what a good friend he is, driving me to fetch the van and waiting all day for people to be ready and banks to gather cash and then following me all the way; I paid him back with gas money, unending gratitude and a sushi lunch).

So, the hard part over — driving this HUGE beast home, on my own, first time — was complete…
now to get down to the business.
Spent the next day transferring title — easy breasy, thanks Oakland DMV — and then the cleaning began!

Cleaning and then Cleaning some more…
this was no new campervan, it’s 11 years old, plus these folks were heavy smokers so it took me a good three days of scrubbing & deodorizing and then another three days of Ozinating to get the job done.
We can happily now sit in her without choking or gagging, yay!

So, here’s what I learned: if you buy any used car (or house or whatever) from a smoker, you can actually Ozinate the (bleep) out of it and it will be smoke free again!  Weeeeeeee!
Okay, not like new, right? ’cause there’s like burn holes everywhere from drinkin’ & smokin’ & dropping ash, but way better! So much better! Livable again!

DISCLAIMER: The thing about Ozination though, it’s dangerous! Really, super duper bad for your body, lungs and what-not so don’t go in there while that machine is going, or for a good long time after, okay! It’s bad, you shouldn’t ought to do it!

With that said, however…
Because it’s a campervan it was super easy for us to ozinate — we rented an ozinator from Oakland Rentals, plugged it inside, turned the knob, closed all of the windows, vents and doors — cautious as I am I put small notes on all the doors warning anyone to STAY OUT — plugged in the van and let ‘er rip; three days and nights.  After 12 hours of off time, we went in and opened the vents and windows and let it air out with the Fantastic-Fan another 24 hours.

Viola, fresh smelling campervan!
Yeah, I had to steam clean all the cushions, and the carpets, and the flooring and then scrub down all the inside walls, cabinets and hatches by hand, myself and then wait another week for the ozination process, but it was worth it — we saved $10k, so it was totally worth it – to us.
We named her Rosie (as-in Rosie the Riveter*), strong and reliable, and now…
A Fresh Start!

She & He & Rosie, too!

PS: *there’s a Rosie the Riveter museum nearby, if you’re in the area, you might want to stop by and check it out!


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